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Getting There

It's been a while since my last post - it's been quite difficult to return to the jolly-old-independent version of me. Sometines I feel I've gotten there already, and then I find myself falling back into the cesspool I thought I was out of already, although not as deep as the last time. A few more prayers and a lot more Grace, and I'll be there. So for the meantime, I just have to listen to the voice inside of my head that keeps saying 'Wait.' So.


There are days
when I feel like cars
on a highway -
speeding up,
slowing down,
swerving -
on a road that seemingly ends
in a dot on the horizon.
But the farther I go,
the farther it stretches
of reach,
as if I'm trying to touch the stars
or get to the end of the world.

Speeding up,
slowing down,
On a road to the stars.
Or the end of the world.