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Beware of the Coño

I really, really, dislike "feeling" people. The flavor of the moment being those extremely misguided individuals who fancy themselves writers. For goodness sake, I don't even really consider myself a writer, much less a good one, but at least I know that I can write a correct english sentence - which cannot be said for quite a number of "writers" out there. Boredom makes me do lots of things. I was reading something about someone I knew that said that one of her interests was "writing". "Okay," I say to myself, "let's get a look-see at your writing." So I scroll down to the 'About me' section - and what do I see? Que horror! The balls of this person - then I remembered, women have no balls in the first place. But that's no excuse for extremely sloppy grammar, and faulty sentence and thought construction. Especially when you scream out to all who bother to bother about you that you're a writer. All I can say is tha…

If You Don't Want To Hear About Job Related Woes (Again), Don't Read This

It's past midnight, and once again I find myself at the office, slaving away for a job I'd like nothing better than to leave. And I will, with much joy, jubilation, and relief, at the end of this week. I'd have left sooner, if I did not value the opinion of one of my bosses here. But I gotta defend the UP banner, you know. So here I am, extremely annoyed at the possibility of not getting a 600 peso worth transportation reimbursement - it's not my fault if cab drivers like to charge extra besides what comes up in the meter. What's worse, someone with a malicious mind (which is basically everyone in general) might think that I'm milking the company since I'm leaving in a few days. Sometimes I wish I had the conscience to do something like that, but I don't - which doesn't necessarily mean that everybody else will believe me when I say so. But I guess I can take comfort in the fact that at least the Guy Upstairs knows. I will see tomorrow if honesty is …

At Last, Something That Isn't About Job-Related Woes: Two Quizzes In One Day

Finally, I have the time to do something that isn't related to my (soon to be former) job. Yay! ^_^

What's your dominant trait? (10 unique results)

Dominant Personality: Solitude

Good Traits: You don't need people to hype
up your self-esteem. You take care of yourself,
and don't follow the crowd. You're unique.

Bad Traits: You don't have many (if any)
friends. People aren't going anywhere and you
have to learn to handle social situations.
There are people out there who understand you.

People see you as: Lonely, extremely quiet,
and unfriendly. You are never seen around other
people, and you don't talk that much. People
think you're too selfish in that you don't take
the time to make friends.

You're Most Like: Confusion. You wish you
had the answers to everything. The difference
is that you keep it to yourself, and express
yourself in a different way.

You Need More: Grace. You probably walk
around with your head down. You need to hold
your head high and face the …

Fragments of Today

I am on the verge of breaking down.

It is my fault, of course, there's no denying that now.

"Shape up," she said.

Be a dog, don't be a slacker.

Only a miracle can save me now.

Well, only a miracle could have saved me since yesterday and the day before that.

I can only do so much - and since that's never enough, I'm still waiting.

ps: Cushie, thanks for the prayers. I definitely need those right now.

Disgruntled, Depressed, and Downtrodden

I kinda envy call center employees right about now. Sure they get screamed at by callers, work at ungodly hours, and being human answering machines isn't on the list of world's most glamorous or intellectually challenging jobs, but at least they have cool lounges with PS2's PC's cable TV's and comfy couches, and they get paid twice as much as me. There we go. I have half of their salary, get unpaid for overtime, get almost unreasonable deadlines (recently because of some other lout's wishy-washiness), and there is no lounge at all. I don't even think I can take a decent crap at the local comfort room. The only thing I have is the prestige of working for one of the biggest networks in the country, but the thing is, I don't give a rat's ass about prestige. It's absolutely worthless to me. So now, you'd probably tell me, "So why don't you switch jobs?" To tell you the truth, I don't rightly know why. Maybe it's because I didn…