Saturday, October 15, 2005

Beware of the Coño

I really, really, dislike "feeling" people. The flavor of the moment being those extremely misguided individuals who fancy themselves writers.
For goodness sake, I don't even really consider myself a writer, much less a good one, but at least I know that I can write a correct english sentence - which cannot be said for quite a number of "writers" out there.
Boredom makes me do lots of things. I was reading something about someone I knew that said that one of her interests was "writing". "Okay," I say to myself, "let's get a look-see at your writing." So I scroll down to the 'About me' section - and what do I see? Que horror! The balls of this person - then I remembered, women have no balls in the first place. But that's no excuse for extremely sloppy grammar, and faulty sentence and thought construction. Especially when you scream out to all who bother to bother about you that you're a writer.
All I can say is that's what you get when your favorite reading materials have the "Da Vinci Code" and "Shopaholic" printed on the cover.

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Peachy said...

Hi, happened upon your blog. And yes, the world's filled to the brim with phonies. Great practice for rolling your eyes. :p