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Trying to be profound

"Realize, then, that impoverishment is also a teacher, unique in its capacity to renew, and that its yield, when it ends, is a passionate openness which in turn re-invests the world with meaning.” - Louse Gluck

I found this quote in Naya's blog, which I visit from time to time, because she is a writer I have great admiration for, and reading her entries shows just how much more of my writerly self I have to improve. Along with Dean and Andrew, these people write about daily life like poetry. I, on the other hand, don't even know if that last sentence even made sense. 

Anyways, I found this quote extremely appropriate for my situation now, even though I have already graduated and have a stable job (the quote is from a graduation address). But it is exactly those things, I think, that made it resound with me so strongly; that despite having a job, I still find myself helpless against the travails of life (to which, most often, the solution is MONEY), struggling to keep up wit…