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It's because of the music, I tell you

It's always about the things you can't have, isn't it? The nice, smart girl, the cool car, the laid-back lifestyle, the lasting relationship, the high-paying dream job, or maybe even the quiet, peaceful death.

Sometimes you gamble, hoping against hope that things finally turn out the way you've always envisioned them to be, then BLAM! You are officially screwed over - by a crappy boss, your partner, by some random shithead on the street - by life in general. And this does not happen once or twice, it happens ALL THE TIME.

You want to flash the finger at someone, and then you realize that either you can't accuse anyone; or everyone, even you, is to blame. How shitty is that?

Suddenly I'm angry at the world again.


A big thank you goes out to Peachy (damn it, the closest would give me was lavender), who was so nice as to recommend this absolutely depressing and arrogant song. I just love it.

The World is Full of Crashing Bores

You must be w…

Strange tales

I am aimlessly wandering through cyberspace, looking for things to help pass the time - browser games, blogs, poems, manga - waiting for the dismissal bell to ring. Deadline's almost over, and all that's left to do are some late revisions.

Two days more 'til Friday. Yes, I am counting, and I am looking forward to doing something different for a change. Something to break the sad, bland routine of my life. I say thanks in advance to that brave soul who's never seen me but was nice enough to agree to wait an extra four hours just to watch a movie with me. Just please, please, please don't kill me.


How's this for strange: along my boredom-induced travels in the web, I have met someone who's almost completely like S - entirely by accident. I meant to never write anything - even the smallest thing - about her ever again, but this is just too richly entertaining to pass up. They look the same, think the same, were born the same month, have almost the sa…


Yes, thank you, Captain Obvious - I have changed the template. The other one gave up on me (on an emo note: who doesnt? T_T [LOL]). It looked all screwed up, so I changed it.

Geez, whoever thought that adding a link would turn out to be so troublesome? Me and my HTML ignoramous-ness. Sigh.


Today, I am a zombie. I walk around with my eyes half closed and sway like I have a bad hangover, which I don't. That it's raining outside makes it all the worse - I wish I were sleeping at home right now.

The price of being a nice kuya.

Judge the movie by its trailer

I am totally beside myself after watching the trailer for Ghost Rider. Never mind the technical errors such as Blackheart being described as "the son of the devil himself" - when he's just Mephisto's son, or that a part of the trailer that is - if I'm not mistaken - grammatically incorrect, or at least could be written better. I still can't wait to see the 1337 leather jacket and 1337 chain, the 1337 bike, and the h0t Eva Mendes. The flaming skull-head could use a bit more work though. Nevertheless, I'm quite sure that I'm going to be one of those lining up to see it come February next year.

On a different note, The Devil Wears Prada looks quite promising. Meryl Streep as a soft spoken (in the trailer, at least) but very b*tchy cutthroat EIC for a fashion magazine and Anne Hathaway as her un-fashionable assistant might be the low-of-lows plot wise, but it's the possibility of great, not to mention amusing, perfomances from the actors that I'm a…

Deadline, dead-line!

The screaming voice in my head has finally gone away. Of course, it'll be back for sure sometime next week, bellowing the same thing all over again. I'm not quite sure if I should be feeling extra nervous about it, new staff and all, but I don't know - my natural tendency for pessimism tells me that something's going to go to sh*t. Of course, I can always look to the heaven, pray, and hope; but there's a big, big difference between "God" and "Genie of the Lamp". Damn, it feels good to finally relax after all those nights of obsessing over pages and proof. Whew. As soon as the office dismissal bell rang, I all but whooshed myself to Megamall and arcaded my all my stress away, and got a nifty white EVO VIII in the process too. It's also quite strange (at least for me) to be able to NOT think about all that emo crap I usually wallow in. I guess today was a good day, all things considered. The reminders I frequently see in faces weren't as stri…

Look No Further

I stare at the vast expanse of sky outside my office window and let my mind drown in dreams and thoughts as big and as sad as the night. In "Lost", Sun Kwon says to John Locke, "I don't think I've ever seen you angry." Locke chuckles and answers, "Oh, I used to get angry all the time; frustrated, too." "You're not frustrated anymore?" asks Sun. "I'm not lost anymore." John replies. When Sun responds by asking, "How did you do that?" Locke simply says, "The same way anything lost gets found - I stopped looking." I should stop looking.