Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Yes, thank you, Captain Obvious - I have changed the template. The other one gave up on me (on an emo note: who doesnt? T_T [LOL]). It looked all screwed up, so I changed it.

Geez, whoever thought that adding a link would turn out to be so troublesome? Me and my HTML ignoramous-ness. Sigh.

4 told me off:

sorbetera said...

hmm.. was that link me or am I just flattering myself? ^__^

EDIT>> posted it in the wrong place.. ugh.. I must be hungry.

iamstorm said...

eh? what link? (scratches head)

sorbetera said...

that link you said you had trouble putting in. ^__^

iamstorm said...

er, yeah. but it not your fault. ^_^