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From the vault: Vignette - Ambiguous

“We finish,” says the man.
“Each other’s sentences,” says the woman.
“She’d like a Cosmopolitan,” says the man to the bartender.
“He’ll have a Jack Daniels on the rocks,” says his companion.
“Isn’t this place wonderful?” They exclaim together, and giggle like high school sweethearts who’ve only been going out for a month.
Arms around each other, they go back to their table, sipping their drinks.

You can be anyone.
But who am I here? Who do I want to be?

“Oops, sorry,” says a blonde beauty that almost spills her martini on me. “I think I’ve had too many of these tonight.”
“Well who can blame you,” I say. “This place is supposed to be just a one night deal, right?”
“Well said! Here’s to more then!” She raises her glass and almost falls, but I steady her back with a hand. She thanks me and moves toward the back of the bar.

“Who might you be, on this fine night?” Says the bartender, noticing that I am alone.
“I haven’t decided yet. I thought maybe an actor, but I really don’t like actors nowadays, an…

Big Saturday

July 18, Saturday is a big day.

I was a bit late in registering, but it seems I've made it into the official list of participants for the 2009 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk - Pasig. It's just for two hours, all free shooting, and just a tricycle ride away from home. Here's to fingers crossed to get at least a honorable mention for the contest (which is international, LOL) afterward, but just being able to be part of an official photography event - despite my newbie-ness - is a great thing in itself. I hope I'll be able to take some decent pictures.

Afterward, after a bit of rest, I'm off to see my favorite person in the world, and spend some time with her. We only see each other once a week, so it's always something I really look forward to. It's a wonderful, wonderful cap off to my Saturday.

Thanks a lot, God. ^_^

One last thing before I hit the sack.

I realize I haven't been posting as much as I want to (ha, Captain Obvious), settling for the occasional photo.

Still, I just want to give out a big thank You to the Guy Upstairs, for blessings and what I pray to be good things to come.


Serendra, on a hot, Saturday afternoon: