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Frustrating Friday

It's frustrating to see how much my writing has deteriorated during these past few months. Writers I once thought were stupid, well, are still stupid, but if before I dismissed them as beneath me (Yes, quite arrogant, I know, thank you.), in terms of skill, I now find myself equal to them, if not much, much, worse.

I shall not speak any further on this subject - for now at least - lest I end up embarrassing myself more than I have already.


Just a bit more, and I can finally immerse myself in the euphoria of the upcoming long weekend; and hopefully, in a few more things.

"For a kiss, and the promise of your hand, I shall bring you that star." Or something like that.

In the middle of my travels to the end of the last deadline of the year (yay!), I found myself in Neil Gaiman's blog - which I haven't been to recently - and saw this wonderful link to some pictures from the upcoming Stardust movie. And because I am such a cheesy, melodramatic, sap, I have loved Stardust since the day I started reading page one. I can't wait to see how the movie adaptation will turn out. The great Mr. Gaiman himself is involved in the production, so I think its not going to be half-bad, at the very least.

The picture on top shows Tristran and Victoria Forester.

The only beef I have with this is that Claire Daines is playing Yvaine. I don't know why, but I have never liked Claire Daines. Looking at the photo below -

I can't help but wonder if this is as good as it gets. And I don't mean that in a good way.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to catching this film on the big screen and owning a personal copy on DVD. And then after Stardust, there'…

Lessons learned

Lesson 1: You cannot count on people to do the right thing. You just can't. It doesn't matter how much you explain or how much in the right you are, people will never understand; you're wrong, and they're right. End of conversation.

Lesson 2: People are like horses. I said just a few hours ago that people are like horses with blinders, who see little else than what's in front of them.

Lesson 3: People will never own up to their mistakes. Especially when they're higher up on the food chain. Even if they just think they are. More often than not, they'd rather that you end up as something resembling a meat shield, rather than own up. The only difference is that the bullets are figurative.

Lesson 4: The guy at the bottom of the food chain gets creamed ALL the time.

Lesson 5: You're expendable until the day you die.

Lesson 6: People don't care if you've done your best (and they haven't).

Lesson 7: People will always want to deal on their own terms, eve…

People have this habit of always jumping to judgments and labelling this and that like they know everything; in truth, they're like horses with blinders, oblivious to everything except what's in front of them, spurred on by irrational emotions, misdirected anger, and faulty reasoning. It's enough to make me lose my faith in the human race altogether.

Everything's always subjective, never objective. Things are never seen as the multi-faceted matters that they are. The episodes are always spur of the moment things - without a second thought to past actions that might have proven contradictory to the conclusion. It's always never their fault; always their situation to be considered. It's like you need to be dying before you f*cking factor into anything.

You do your best, only to be misjudged in the end. It makes me wonder what difference would it make had I lived up to the labels and the judgments. I probably might have gotten much more out of i…

Doodads, fandangles, and froufrous

I have posted this - thing - in an effort to add some color to this drab and dead thing that is my blog. Taken from Peachy's t3h 1337 Doughnut Factory. And because I have successfully huffed and puffed my deadline away and I'm B-O-R-E-D. Very.

And the stuff I've been waiting for hasn't arrived yet... T_T


Whoa. Really now.

At first glance, this might be a good thing, but it really isn't. I will not expound on this further, but this really isn't a good thing - no, sirree.


I have only recently discovered that Alan Moore's 'Watchmen' is going to be made into a movie. And that 'Thank You For Smoking' is already showing.



What do you get when you team up with Zeus and he's a big, big, big, big, big, l4mz0r n00b? You lose, of course. >.<


The past few days have been pure frustration. A number of significant "things" that I've been waiting for for quite some time now haven't arrived yet - and I still have no idea when it will - and all the while I'm huffing and puffing to blow my deadline away.

"Every thing's conditional. You just can't always anticipate the conditions." - House, Son of Coma Guy

The only thing that seems good recently is the seeming revival - in my eyes at least - of the latest episode of House: MD that I've managed to watch despite everything. Of late, House seemed to have lost some of his scathing and sardonic wit, which may be due to the entrance of Detective Tritter into the Season 3 story arc, or it may be just plain old sloppy writing on the part of whoever churns out the scripts. Nevertheless, the last episode managed to get me gunning to find time to watch the remaining episodes I haven't seen - maybe sometime during the weekend.


I don'…