Thursday, December 7, 2006

Doodads, fandangles, and froufrous

I have posted this - thing - in an effort to add some color to this drab and dead thing that is my blog. Taken from Peachy's t3h 1337 Doughnut Factory. And because I have successfully huffed and puffed my deadline away and I'm B-O-R-E-D. Very.

And the stuff I've been waiting for hasn't arrived yet... T_T


Whoa. Really now.

At first glance, this might be a good thing, but it really isn't. I will not expound on this further, but this really isn't a good thing - no, sirree.


I have only recently discovered that Alan Moore's 'Watchmen' is going to be made into a movie. And that 'Thank You For Smoking' is already showing.



What do you get when you team up with Zeus and he's a big, big, big, big, big, l4mz0r n00b? You lose, of course. >.<

3 told me off:

annahojmai said...

i didn't know cuddling could be a superpower. :P :peace:

Ruth said...

sounds You to me, except for the "totally charming and sweet" part--bola na talaga iyon. hahaha :)
tanggapin mo na kasing nice person ka, huwag ka na mabaduyan. LOL.

iamstorm said...

ruth: ............