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Goodbye, Ipod.

Last night I had an Ipod Shuffle, this morning I gave it away. Now, why the hell would I do such a stupid thing, you might ask. Because I'm tired. Tired of always fighting for what I want, and losing, each and evey time. Mind you, its not easy to give away an Ipod that you've only thought you might ever have had in dreams. That no one gives a damn shit that I had to originally share it with a first class crass idiot who has a penchant for destroying things even though it was I who asked for it in the first place just downright pisses the shit out of me. Nobody even thought, "Hey, let's give this to Iamstorm, since it never even occured to us to congratulate him when he finally graduated; or that we forgot his birthday for three days before someone finally remembered." But no. "You have a job," they say, as if they didn't know that my monthly salary's only just quite enough to pay for transpotation and food. Its either its mine or it not. And sinc…

Honor My Ass

I just finished watching Susan Roces wave her hands at hundreds of (payed?) rallyists in Ayala and make a speech about returning the Philippines' honor by kicking Gloria Arroyo out. I agree. What I find completely disturbing are the choices for the next head of state. Noli de Castro? Mrs. Fernando Poe Jr.? I don't think so.

There's a big streamer behind her that says, "Ibalik ang dangal ng Pilipino!". Again, I agree. That the whole election fiasco that President Short, er Gloria, orchestrated - and (sort of) admitting to (which is just like saying, "It was completely platonic!" when you get caught having a nice candlelit date with someone else when you have a wife) - has thrown our nation's honor into the bottom of the cesspool. But the thing is, I don't think that either Noli or Susan is the key to returning the country's honor. The former is only slightly less controversial (and rightly so, in my honest opinion) than his boss, and the latte…

All Give, No Take

Giving - that's what love's all about. To try to give everything and sacrifice everything for another person, no matter the cost to yourself. I know that sounds downright mushy, but that's what love is. In my book, at least.

One of the things I've learned throughout the years is that no matter how much of yourself you give to another, its just pure foolishness to expect, or even at least hope, for something in return. People are naturally selfish - that's a fact. Of course that applies to me as well; that's why I there are times when I get disappointed whenever things get one-sided - and I'm not on the recieving end.

But I love her, so all discussion ends there.

The story of my life.

First Time?

When push comes to shove, I guess I have to be the one to give in. Especially when the one pushing is my boss. Of course, I hold no grudges - work is work; and besides, you always get to learn something new when you do something for the first time. Like reading all the stuff written in your notes and all but literally pounding them into your sorry excuse for a head. It's only unfortunate that I learned this lesson the hard way - that is to say, by experience. Which means screwing up first and then slapping your head afterward, saying, "I should have thought of that before." Thank heaven I had a decent excuse. I will leave it at that and will say no more, lest someone important read this and consequently fire my sorry ass before you, or I, can say Jack Robinson. Or at least get issued a memo, which is only slightly less bad. So at the end of the day - the "person" isn't here anymore, I learned a couple of valuable lessons, and maybe, just maybe I got to impre…

When Cretinism Attacks...

Its a typical week day work day, its ten in the morning, and the only other person in the room with me is the resident cono-slash-er.."person". Of course, she doesn't notice me, being her being the "person" that she is and all, and thats just fine. And no, I absolutely do not have a crush on her. Heaven forbid that I end up with a woman like that, no matter how cute she is. Anyways, thats just what I think - people are entitled to their own opinions. Hey, maybe she even has a parallel opinion of yours truly, which is if what I think it is, then its nothing new. Join the club, honey. I'd just like to make it clear that all this is, er, was a product of some involuntary urge to try to spew out something funny. But all things considered, all I've accomplished so far consist of a short hodgepodge of biatchiness (there's a clue here, folks) that you probably regret reading already. Oh well. Back to the old drawing board.

A Sunday Ago...

It’s the Lord’s Day, so I smile, wave, and wish people a good morning. I’d like to think that the morning’s blessed and all good and peachy, but it’s quite hard to do when my bosses are chewing on my ass and shoving an impossible deadline into my face. I'm not comfortable with this seeming lack of faith and joy on what’s supposed to be a day of rejoicing and worship, but I guess I'm just being human. I apologize.

I’d also like to think that the Almighty Guy Upstairs will come through for me. But I don’t like to presume, especially since part of the problem’s my fault. I do not have any illusions of God letting me off this, or at least letting me off easy, for that matter. While nothing’s impossible to God, and while I do not forget that He is merciful and understanding, I know He’s a God of justice as well. But of course, I pray, and hope.

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A month ago, I prayed for a job. Now I have one, I'm close to hating it. It’s always responsibilities, duties, and obligations that …