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This would be me, if I were from Springfield. ^_^

I'd like my steak rare, please.

It’s frustrating sometimes, how life is fraught with complications and twists and turns, how living is always not as simple as it seems.

It’s tiring when you think of it, really, the infinite number of possibilities, probabilities, outcomes and endings available in a single lifetime. To contemplate on reality and try to grasp the larger picture that encompasses our small and frail existences is an invitation to madness, or at the very least, sadness. Not to mention that simply saying that you “like to contemplate on the real meaning of life as a whole” makes you an arrogant and presumptuous pseudo-philosophical cock (ahem-ahem, excuse me).

It is as it has always been for me. Suck it all up and move forward.

I say this without bitterness and resentment--after all, such is always the case, and I've gotten used to it. It is simply a statement of fact. I just thought it could, and would, be different this time. Judging from my years as a complete and utter failure, however, it's not …

Food, glorious food

My mother cooks a mean sinigang. Especially when it's sinigang na bangus sa calamansi, I find myself automatically and gleefully consuming huge amounts of food (rice especially) in one sitting. There was even a time when I managed to eat the cooked equivalent of two cups of bigas.

As a testament to my mother's mouth-watering sinigang na bangus sa calamansi--which is really called cusido in Bicol and is obviously one of my favorite things to eat--I'm posting pictures of one of my gormandizing expeditions.

One: I start off with a bowl of soup and a piece of milkfish belly, rice, and two slices of mango for dessert.

Two: I've finished most of the meat, leaving the part where the fat is; I always save the best for last. The rice is gone, and so is about two-thirds of the soup.

Three: My second helping of rice.

Four: Remnants of my second serving.

Five: A third helping for my bottomless stomach.

Six: My food has faced complete and total defeat, along with the mangoes for good meas…

Masks and Mick Jagger

Paper faces on parade
Hide your face,
so the world will never find you!

- Phantom of the Opera

One gets used to it in time: putting on a brave face, wearing a smile, feigning laughter, and saying that everything's fine--when the truth is that it's not. We struggle to move forward, hiding the wounds we sustain under our armor.

No one is ever unscathed, and our masks conceal our scars.


Quoth House: "But as the philosopher Jagger once said, 'You can't always get what you want.'"

It sucks to be poor.

Got this off Yumi's blog:
My Lakbayan grade is C-! (which is downright embarassing; it sucks to be poor!)How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!Created by Eugene Villar.


Here I am, on a Monday, slaving away at the office despite it being a city-wide holiday. Deadlines are deadlines, holiday or no holiday--and I do need the overtime pay. (sighs)

Busy, so busy.