Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Food, glorious food

My mother cooks a mean sinigang. Especially when it's sinigang na bangus sa calamansi, I find myself automatically and gleefully consuming huge amounts of food (rice especially) in one sitting. There was even a time when I managed to eat the cooked equivalent of two cups of bigas.

As a testament to my mother's mouth-watering sinigang na bangus sa calamansi--which is really called cusido in Bicol and is obviously one of my favorite things to eat--I'm posting pictures of one of my gormandizing expeditions.

One: I start off with a bowl of soup and a piece of milkfish belly, rice, and two slices of mango for dessert.

Two: I've finished most of the meat, leaving the part where the fat is; I always save the best for last. The rice is gone, and so is about two-thirds of the soup.

Three: My second helping of rice.

Four: Remnants of my second serving.

Five: A third helping for my bottomless stomach.

Six: My food has faced complete and total defeat, along with the mangoes for good measure.

Ayos, busog!

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Miss(us) Gnomer said...

and natikman ko pa lang na luto niya, bola bola. ^__^ galing! angsarap. kaya lang sa sobrang dami nyang sinerve di ko na naubos haha

Salve said...

best sinigang--in kalamansi!cusido sa bicol. sarap!

kawawang bangus, naglahong parang bula...

Anonymous said...

looks delicious. can i have some? :)