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Judge the movie by its trailer

I am totally beside myself after watching the trailer for Ghost Rider. Never mind the technical errors such as Blackheart being described as "the son of the devil himself" - when he's just Mephisto's son, or that a part of the trailer that is - if I'm not mistaken - grammatically incorrect, or at least could be written better. I still can't wait to see the 1337 leather jacket and 1337 chain, the 1337 bike, and the h0t Eva Mendes. The flaming skull-head could use a bit more work though. Nevertheless, I'm quite sure that I'm going to be one of those lining up to see it come February next year.

On a different note, The Devil Wears Prada looks quite promising. Meryl Streep as a soft spoken (in the trailer, at least) but very b*tchy cutthroat EIC for a fashion magazine and Anne Hathaway as her un-fashionable assistant might be the low-of-lows plot wise, but it's the possibility of great, not to mention amusing, perfomances from the actors that I'm after. I just don't know if I'm going to survive all those "Oh, mah Gawd" girls who are sure to come see it, battle-clad with their Havaianas, red laquered nails, tiny bags with the big cellphones inside, and their hunky shaven-headed boyfriends. If they had (or could) bring a chihuahua, I'm sure they would. This one comes out, I think, sometime this month.

The text is really crappy in The Fountain, but well, this one leaves me very, very intrigued. And the fact that it has Rachel Weiss and Hugh Jackman in it helps a lot. Of course, it could still turn out to be worthless crap, but who knows?

Ratatouille, is the first animation movie I really want to watch after the Incredibles. A mouse with a intense liking for gourmet food. Talk about picky.

John Tucker Must Die is another one for those chihuahua-totting girls but (cleverly?) disguised as women empowerment thingy. Nuff said. Like, duh?

Little Miss Sunshine = Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell, and that cute little girl from somewhere I can't remember. Comedy-slash-drama. Hmmm. Looks good, but maybe I'll just buy the DVD.

Watching Toni Colette in Little Miss Sunshine then seeing a crazed-slash-near-homicidal version in The Night Listener makes me remember how good western actors are (or at the very least, their make-up artists) - unlike the lot of local "talents" (especially those new ones) who think that crying on cue or standing on a 3d generated mountain sporting 3d generated wings while trying to look serious is good acting. And its Robin Williams in yet another creepy movie. When's he going to do something like Mrs. Doubtfire again?

I've always heard Woody Allen was good, but I never came around to watching any of his films. Scoop literally looks good - considering that it's frontlined by Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman. The plot looks interesting and unique enough, except for the Hugh-Scarlett love angle.

There's also Nacho Libre, Kinky Boots, Casino Royale, Spiderman 3, The Holiday, The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Akeelah and the Bee, Accepted, The Break-up, 300, and Lady In The Water, but I'm too lazy to post links. Just look them all up at Apple Trailers.


Yes, yes, I know. I'm paid to work, not watch trailers.

Back to work then. Whapish.


Peachy said…
I'm just twiddling my thumbs until Nacho Libre finally makes it to the cinemas here!!! Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!

Plus, the reviews for the movie are real good. ;)
iamstorm said…
i think its already showing. ^_^ wanna watch?
Peachy said…
But why not? ;) It's going to be shown next week. Does Friday night sound good?
iamstorm said…
sure! where do we meet up? ^_^ i work in ortigas too, and am out at 6:45. ^_^
Peachy said…
Excellent! Work ends at 3 p.m. for me, but we can meet at 7-7:30, depends on what time you can get off work. Hehe. Why don't we meet up in McDonald's El Pueblo?
iamstorm said…
seven's fine. ^_^ el pueblo's quite near my building. are you sure you don't mind waiting for 4 hours? i already feel bad for making you wait that long...
Peachy said…
Nah, I don't mind. ;) All right, Friday, 7 p.m., McDonald's El Pueblo. I'll see you then!
iamstorm said…
its a "date" then. LOL. i can imagine yumi jumping up and down already. ^_^

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