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One man's toxic waste is another man's potpourri. - The Grinch

I am really, really, really Grinch-y right now.

The holidays may be about good cheer, but hell, there are no rainbows and sunshine and Santa Claus. Not today there isn't.

What's so razzle dazzle about Christmas anyway? The season, I mean. If not for the 13th month pay and the Christmas bonuses for some lucky bastards (not like me), I say do away with it completely.

Yes, I know Christ was born on Christmas day (or at least the date symbolizes the day), but the whole "He died for the sins of the world" seems to have been swallowed up by the whole "Santa gimme a present!" mentality. I mean, since I can remember, people've abbreviated Christmas as "X-mas." Giving and loving my ass. That Christ, the Son of God, the Savior of Mankind, has been now reduced to an "X", that just says it all.

The avarice never ends! "I want golf clubs. I want diamonds. I want a pony so I can ride it twice, get bored and sell it to make glue." Look, I don…

Vignette: Getting Out of the Rain

It was always the rain.

Every drop seemed to contain a moment of his life – his first kiss, his first love, the first time he made love, his first kill, the first time he ceased to be seen – the first time he ceased to be remembered.

The first drops always started like that – all the firsts in his life. And as the drizzle turned into an honest-to-goodness shower, he would then see himself listening to the white skinned men and women teach the children to read and write; holding his long dead wife in his arms; helplessly watching the massacre of his tribesmen; walking unseen through the crowds in the malls; watching his father make fire from sticks; listening to his grandfather’s tales of legendary heroes and wonderful gods; sitting under the stars, roasting a boar he caught, centuries ago.

Like raindrops they would fall, and flash before his eyes - his memories - without order and arrangement, slowly and then in torrents; and then again, like the rain, they would fall to the ground, forg…

So busy, so busy...

I haven't got around to posting anything lately, since I haven't found the time to think of anything decent to put here - as if I put anything decent here to begin with.
I won't start ranting, even though I've much to rant about, especially since it's a Monday, and I so dislike Mondays.
So I'm going to be a lazy ass again and just post a list of upcoming movies I'm going to keep an eye on. You can find the trailers on
1. Pan's Labyrinth 2. Eragon 3. Smokin' Aces (although Alicia Keys as an assasin seems like a really dubious idea to me) 4. Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny 5. Zodiac 6. The Holiday (I'm a sucker for Nancy Meyer romantic comedies) 7. Venus 8. Spiderman 3 9. Stardust 10. 300 11. Thank You For Smoking
And last of course, is Ghost Rider. Did I mention Ghost Rider? Yeah, Ghost Rider.

Lo, and behold

Tingnan mo naman o, kung kailan kailangan ko ng bisyo, saka ko nadiskubre na may DOTA-han pala sa tabi ng opis namin. Ayos, makakapaglaro ako ulit. DOTA ang magiging droga ko. W00t!

Ang problema ko na lang ngayon eh kailangan kong pigilan yung urge na mag-cutting-opis. Tim, hindi ka college, bawal na mag-cutting. Mag-trabaho ka nga, tukmol! LOL.

Okay. Enough with the Tagalog.
Its time to be t3h 1337 n00b again! rawr! ph34r my t3h 1337 n00b 5k177z!
Okay. Its Friday. I'm crazy. I know.

Monday sucks.

Still hung-over (yet again) from the weekend break, going back to work and facing the two-day deadline isn't all peaches and rainbows at all. And when you add all my recent woes these past few days, I am all but dead inside.
Why do these things always keep happening to me? Damn it.
It couldn't have been said any better: An idea is not a story.

I wish I (or my parents) were rich enough so I could afford to stay at home and bum around, just reading stories and just trying to write. What's the use in having a dozen ideas flitter and flutter about inside my head if I'm too busy or too tired to try to expound on them?

It's really annoying that all the money has to fall into the laps of morons who spend it all on overpriced coffee and overpriced clothes.

Yes, I'm bitter, aren't I?