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Two and counting

I have watched Stranger than Fiction for two straight nights now, and probably will again in the near future. And I just bought the darn movie only this Thursday last.

There's a light but somewhat profound meaning to it; Will Ferrell definitely looks and acts the part of Harold Crick quite well -- a semi-serious role which is a welcome break from the awkward, edgy, and slapstick-ish comedy he's usually type-casted in. I especially liked the screenplay, particularly the long monologue by Emma Thompson at the end. I cannot explain it fully; I can only say that I appreciate the extraordinary brilliance and the profound cheesiness of it all.

And then there's Maggie Gyllenhaal.

I fell in love with her here, with her racerbacks and her black bra straps and her very un-model like body and the absolutely adorable way she says "cookie". I like how she looks so unlike the prevailing benchmarks for beauty these days; while simple and unpretentious, there is a grace to her, a c…

Procrastination galore

The office clock says 5:42, which leaves about an hour and three minutes before I can go home. I have some tasks to do, but I am currently french-kissing the temptation to do them later or on Monday -- hence my presence here and this entry.

But kisses have to stop sometime. Hmmm. Maybe a bit later.

I cannot wait to get home; I have have a buttload of DVDs and books I'm excited to devour starting tonight, this coming Saturday and Sunday, and the long (holy) (week)end. At the very least, I'd like to finish John Banville's The Sea, which I am two-thirds done with already, before the local pasyon-ers near the house start their monotone rituals.


Awhile ago, I trooped to the not-so-near Metrowalk, which, for the not so in-the-know, is the haven for DVD hunters next to Quiapo and Carriedo. I probably will pay the place another visit on Monday to further stack up for my couch potato-slash-utterly lazy-slash-patabaing baboy mode next week.

I was originally looking for the c…
What a little vessel of sadness we are, sailing in this muffled silence through the autumn dark.
- John Banville, The Sea

My wallet is now a fragile thing

First off, the heat these past couple of days has been just horrible. Going outside is like asking to be baked alive.

Good thing the office has excellent air-conditioning.


National Bookstore has always been of my favorite haunts; for the life of me, I cannot explain why I always have the urge to buy pens. Which is why almost everytime I go to NBS I automatically find myself at the ballpen counter, then at the cashier, paying for my flavor -- in this case ink -- of the moment, then realizing that I really didn't need to buy the damn thing in the first place.

Today though, I found myself possessed by a different kind of purchasing urge at NBS. I originally wanted to wait for the paperback edition of Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things before I would buy one, but hell, I told myself that I could afford it, and quickly snatched it off the shelf and paid for it before I could change my mind.

Another one for my NG collection! W00t!
So okay, to those people who know me and care e…

Stardust... Stardust... Stardust... Stardust...

The website for Stardust the movie is up, and I am totally beside myself, since Stardust is one of my all-time favorite books, and I've been waiting for sooooo long for this movie. It's billed by a couple of big names like Peter o'Toole, Rupert Everett, Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert de Niro. Ian McKellen is also in the movie as the narrator. I've already reconciled myself to the fact that Claire Daines is playing Yvaine (and she does look cute and adorable, once you look at her close and long enough), so I'll be elbowing myself past the people in line at the theatres come August.

Here are some screenshots from the website:

See? There's Mr. Robert De Niro, who plays Captain Shakespeare

Peter o'Toole as the old king of Stormhold Ah... the ageless Michelle Pfeiffer. XDTristran and Yvaine on the open road.I wish I had a star as pretty as she... Sigh.

See more -- besides the trailer, which I am also waiting for -- at

Unfounded sentimentality

Why Did You Mess With Forever
John Mayer

I came by to get my things
Thank you for getting the door
But I don't feel right walking in no more
You think it's cold I did my crying at home
But I'm numb now, I'm numb now

Before I'm on my way
I've one more thing to ask
Was it worth the price you paid
For my never coming back

Why did you mess with forever?
Such a long time to be unkind
Why did you mess with forever?

Don't you call me cruel
Cruel's what you're making me do
I stick to my rules
I'm at odds with me now
So stay, don't go ahead and stay

Before I'm on my way
I've one more thing to ask
Was it worth the price you paid
For my never coming back

Why did you mess with forever?
Such a long time to be unkind
Why did you mess with forever?

You asked to kiss me once goodbye
But you already did
On somebody else's lips

Tell the tiny chemicals
The ones you hold responsible
They lost me
You lost me

Now everything inside me tells me I should run to you and throw my arms aro…


Of late, my brain has not been in tip-top shape so I've put off posting entries (for a readerless blog anyways); my writing's worse as it is without me having to further embarrass myself by putting up half-wit posts.

Here are some remotely interesting things that have happened recently:

I just got my driver's license recently. You just gotta love red tape. For a thousand bucks, you get the fastest service possible FROM THE GOVERNMENT. Following this, I've subsequently tried driving around the metropolis a few times and have had recurring nightmares of uncouth drivers, stupid pedestrians, traffic jams on inclined roads, and parking spaces.

I'm beta testing for the Closed Beta Test of Granado Espada, a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game. It's cool so far, but I've yet to see whether the local distributors will make it free-to-pay or not before I decide to commit to playing it long-term.

After much internal deliberation, I have decided to…