Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Of late, my brain has not been in tip-top shape so I've put off posting entries (for a readerless blog anyways); my writing's worse as it is without me having to further embarrass myself by putting up half-wit posts.

Here are some remotely interesting things that have happened recently:

I just got my driver's license recently. You just gotta love red tape. For a thousand bucks, you get the fastest service possible FROM THE GOVERNMENT. Following this, I've subsequently tried driving around the metropolis a few times and have had recurring nightmares of uncouth drivers, stupid pedestrians, traffic jams on inclined roads, and parking spaces.

I'm beta testing for the Closed Beta Test of Granado Espada, a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game. It's cool so far, but I've yet to see whether the local distributors will make it free-to-pay or not before I decide to commit to playing it long-term.

After much internal deliberation, I have decided to take Conrad de Quiros' word for it and vote the people from Kapatiran -- Martin Bautista, Adrian Sison, and Zozimo Paredes -- into the Senate. They may be political nobodies, but I'd rather vote people like them who go out on a limb by themselves rather than folks who spend millions of pesos on stupid name-recall advertisments. Self-styled "independents" are also no-good; independent my ass -- try campaigning without selling your famous wife and children, and maybe I'll take a "note" of it.

Some people at a local magazine have been nice enough to let me try and write for them part-time. If everything pans out, April is going to be a nice month for me after all.

Sosy coffee is overrated and over-priced besides. Dunkin Doughnut's brew still tastes better; what's more, it doesn't have a hefty price tag.

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