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Without going into specifics, I'd say I've found quite a pleasant diversion in Bones, a CSI-like series with a dash of humor thrown into the mix. All the characters are lovable and extremely unique, the dialogue is fast-paced and clever enough to keep me occupied temporarily. Of course I hardly understand any of the scientific jargon they regularly throw at me, the hapless viewer, but it's really just like House--you don't watch primarily for the nerdiness of it, but for the way it's all presented in one unique package. All those high-sounding terms simply lends an air of authenticity to it.

It's a great show, really. The way the relationships and tensions between the characters are portrayed provides a stark contrast to the gravity of the cases they take. I realize some might have a problem with this, but not me. Lightness is a welcome feeling. And I've always liked David Boreanaz ever since his Angel days. It's now officially one of my favorite TV ser…