Monday, December 18, 2006

"For a kiss, and the promise of your hand, I shall bring you that star." Or something like that.

In the middle of my travels to the end of the last deadline of the year (yay!), I found myself in Neil Gaiman's blog - which I haven't been to recently - and saw this wonderful link to some pictures from the upcoming Stardust movie. And because I am such a cheesy, melodramatic, sap, I have loved Stardust since the day I started reading page one. I can't wait to see how the movie adaptation will turn out. The great Mr. Gaiman himself is involved in the production, so I think its not going to be half-bad, at the very least.

The picture on top shows Tristran and Victoria Forester.

The only beef I have with this is that Claire Daines is playing Yvaine. I don't know why, but I have never liked Claire Daines. Looking at the photo below -

I can't help but wonder if this is as good as it gets. And I don't mean that in a good way.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to catching this film on the big screen and owning a personal copy on DVD. And then after Stardust, there's Coraline to look out for next. Then there's American Gods, and Neverwhere, and Good Omens, and Sandman...

Ah, yes, a fanboy and his daydreams.

(Coughs) Ehem, ehem. Okay, back to the travels to the end of the last deadline of the year (yay!).

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hi iamstorm, nice blog! thanks for the words of kindness, hehe. hope you have a merry xmas and happy new year =)