Thursday, July 14, 2005

Goodbye, Ipod.

Last night I had an Ipod Shuffle, this morning I gave it away. Now, why the hell would I do such a stupid thing, you might ask. Because I'm tired. Tired of always fighting for what I want, and losing, each and evey time. Mind you, its not easy to give away an Ipod that you've only thought you might ever have had in dreams.
That no one gives a damn shit that I had to originally share it with a first class crass idiot who has a penchant for destroying things even though it was I who asked for it in the first place just downright pisses the shit out of me. Nobody even thought, "Hey, let's give this to Iamstorm, since it never even occured to us to congratulate him when he finally graduated; or that we forgot his birthday for three days before someone finally remembered." But no. "You have a job," they say, as if they didn't know that my monthly salary's only just quite enough to pay for transpotation and food.
Its either its mine or it not. And since the important people in my life have once again (unconsciously, maybe) conspired to make my life in a living hell, its goodbye Ipod for me.

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