Wednesday, December 6, 2006


The past few days have been pure frustration. A number of significant "things" that I've been waiting for for quite some time now haven't arrived yet - and I still have no idea when it will - and all the while I'm huffing and puffing to blow my deadline away.

"Every thing's conditional. You just can't always anticipate the conditions."
- House, Son of Coma Guy

The only thing that seems good recently is the seeming revival - in my eyes at least - of the latest episode of House: MD that I've managed to watch despite everything. Of late, House seemed to have lost some of his scathing and sardonic wit, which may be due to the entrance of Detective Tritter into the Season 3 story arc, or it may be just plain old sloppy writing on the part of whoever churns out the scripts. Nevertheless, the last episode managed to get me gunning to find time to watch the remaining episodes I haven't seen - maybe sometime during the weekend.


I don't know what all the whole hullabaloo is about the verdict for the Subic Rape Case.

It is at most, a very tiny victory in the middle of a war against getting ourselves fully - as a nation - ass-kicked by the United States. The guilty verdict may have been handed down to Smith, but his three other cohorts have gotten away scot-free. Not to mention the possibility of a reversal if Smith's appeal pushes through. And then there's the custody and incarceration to worry about - provided Smith's appeal fails - with the US bullying our government with the VFA and blackmailing us through foreign aid. We may have made a notch in history - and a VERY small notch at that - with Judge Pozon's 'moral conviction' that Smith raped Nicole that night, but when we talk about history, the Philippines has a much stronger reputation for bowing down to the US like Catholic devotees in mass.

If Teofisto Guingona is happy with partial victories, I am not. There's no point in winning the battle but losing the war.

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