Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Strange tales

I am aimlessly wandering through cyberspace, looking for things to help pass the time - browser games, blogs, poems, manga - waiting for the dismissal bell to ring. Deadline's almost over, and all that's left to do are some late revisions.

Two days more 'til Friday. Yes, I am counting, and I am looking forward to doing something different for a change. Something to break the sad, bland routine of my life. I say thanks in advance to that brave soul who's never seen me but was nice enough to agree to wait an extra four hours just to watch a movie with me. Just please, please, please don't kill me.


How's this for strange: along my boredom-induced travels in the web, I have met someone who's almost completely like S - entirely by accident. I meant to never write anything - even the smallest thing - about her ever again, but this is just too richly entertaining to pass up. They look the same, think the same, were born the same month, have almost the same troubles, they like almost the same things. And they're both very much taken. LOL.

If this happened five months ago, I would have said that it was life having a hell of a good time poking holes in my already shredded heart. Now, I merely find it extremely amusing. Really. It's funny, actually, how just minutes ago my mood was as gray as the skies outside my office window, now, I find myself grinning like an idiot; yes, I know I'm an idiot, thank you very much, but I'm a sad, melodramatic idiot, not some grin-about-nothing moron. And for some strange reason, I feel lighter hearted too.

Which makes me wish somemore that it was Friday already. I wouldn't want to be a boring AND melancholy movie-mate at the same time - that would be totally unfair to someone who has arresting laughter.

Just please, please, please, don't kill me. ^_^



I think I've just gone crazy.

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sorbetera said...

Uuuuy!! Somebody's excited!! I can relate to that because I'm absolutely, completely excited for tomorrow!! Waaa! I'll be going on an ukay-ukay adventure with my friend. And the two of us are complete ukay-ukay virgins! Waaa! can't wait!! ^__^

I hope for all the best for you on Friday! Blog about it para naman makabalita.. haha

Peachy said...

You're nuts! I'm no homicidal maniac! Hahahahhahahaha!

iamstorm said...


what's with the "Uuuyy!"? we're just going to watch a movie. kaya ako papatayin ni Peachy nyan eh.

I can't relate to your ukay ukay excitement. Its just shopping. Oh well. Hope you enjoy. ^_^

Peachy said...

All right, Tim, just so we can have the details ironed out. I'll be in the smoking area (ground floor) of McDo later, all right? You won't miss me, I'll come in a clown suit.

iamstorm said...

okay! ^_^

girl anemic said...