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Don't Mind Me, I'm Whining... Again.


I hope I get the job tomorrow.

Im quite sick and tired of lying around the house doing nothing, or being given something to do by my parents - some sort of chore, or chores that involve a lot of sweat and being bitten by mosquitoes many, many times. But I'm more sick and tired of not having money. How many times have I looked at tech sites and stores and wanted that latest piece of hot technology? Then I look into my wallet and then reality hit me like being doused with ice-cold water in the middle of the night - I can't afford any of them. Sigh.

I know, I know, I'm being materialistic. But thats not all I want in life, excuuuse me. I want a lot of other things like a good wife (I pray this one's the "one;" it really feels like she is) and a family, and to one day sit on a rocking chair, all old and shiveled up, holding my equally aged wife's hand and watching our grandchildren play in the yard. Then I'm going to smile, and thank the Lord for helping me give a good life to all my children. Then I can die. Peacefully, I hope, and be buried (and I mean buried, not stuck into some cheap cement cubby somewhere obscure) somewhere nice and quiet and green.

But that's all beside the point.

Besides, I won't be able to give a good life to my family (if I ever have one) if i dont have a friggin' job, can I? But that, again, is beside the point.

Its really about the now. I'm not married yet, and hey, I want to enjoy myself while I can. I don't think I'll be able to pamper and spoil myself when I get hitched - I'm going to have to think of my wife and kids before I think of anything for myself. At least, that's if I plan on becoming a responsible "padre de pamilya." But don't worry, I plan to be just that.

So, maybe now you understand why I want a job. Or at least one of the reasons why I want to get the job tomorrow.

But well, it really not in my hands anyway, so I guess I'll just have to pray, and hope.


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Serendra, on a hot, Saturday afternoon: