Thursday, June 30, 2005

Blasted Forwards and Forwarders...

The reason why I don't join e-groups is that a lot of people think it's cute to bombard you with senseless forwarded messages. Almost every day there's this message that has "FW" or "Forwarded" on it that appears in your inbox. When you open it, after the seemingly endless email addresses that the message has been sent to, and resent again, and resent yet again, and so on, you find some worthless message / link/ picture / or whatever that's "cute" or "nice" or something that the sender thinks (mistakenly, in my case at least) was worth all the time you spent being annoyed while scrolling down all those email addresses.

Now, there's this high school classmate of mine who thinks that its perfectly alright to send all these forwards to the e-groups (which I only joined so my high school mates won't say that I'm this arrogant snob), under the presumption that it's some sort of freedom board - some place where you can post "everything under the sun." Right. And vandalism isn't a tasteless, selfish crime. After five years she's still this stuck up (gusto kong magmura!) ......... "person" she was when we were still in high school. Well, why am I not surprised? Its no wonder why she was the first person I ever said "putang ina mo" to. I wish I could have said something kinder, of course (See? I'm a nice guy, really), but that does not mean that she didn't deserve being bad mouthed.

I won't badmouth her this time, because I AM a nice guy, really. But since this is MY personal sounding board, where I can post anything and everything under the sun, and because this is MY blog, not an e-group, I'm going to say:

"Forwards suck, but forwarders suck much, much more." That means you, Ivy.

Now that's something I won't post on an e-group.

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