Saturday, August 13, 2005

Say Cheese!

Today I have finally proven that show business isn't my thing.
So there I was, listening to the dialogue during the shoot, one half afraid that it might rain and the other half embarassed because of the cheesiness of it all.
I need to get used to it though, if I want to get somewhere with this "career" of mine. And the next step will entail even more cheesiness I have to generate myself. Sigh. More fake smiles and flattery to people who like to have their egos primed and stroked like Siamese cats and Shitzus. There will be those of course, for whom fame and fortune is just another thing like a sofa or a bed, but I was never an optimist. And that's if I ever get to the next step. See, there's my pessimism for you again.

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