Saturday, September 10, 2005

Doing A Malabanan

I want to write something, but it seems that the sheer pissed off feeling I am currently suffering from seems to block everything.
What's worse is that I can't blame anyone, much less take it out on someone else. Everyone has their own reasons for doing this and that, but that doesn't mean that I like receiveing some "urgent" text message at 11 PM telling me that I "have" to do some whatnot errand that I could have been told about earlier. Then I have to go to the office on a weekend, and that means not being able to sleep in yet again, and then having to do and stress about whole load of stuff that isn't supposed to be my problem in the first place. But well, as my boss would say, "Its all for the show."
So I am left to do what I've always done when life seems particularly unfair and irksome - shrug, suck it all in, sigh in between whatever crap's tossed my way, and wait for everything to end.

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