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Shut Up, Me!

Is there such a thing as loving somebody too much?

I was never one for freedom. I was never the kind of guy who liked to go running around bars and hooking up with random girls for, to use the GTA: San Andreas term, "coffee." I'd hear people say that its hard to be attached too early, but I always say that it depends on the person you're attached to.

But that's just me.

Apparently, that's bad. It's bad to keep on thinking about someone that you can't think about anybody else. It's bad to feel as if you've lost half of yourself when you're not with her and it's bad to drown yourself in daydreams of her. And it's just as bad to tell her how you feel.

Now, I guess I have to learn not to love too much. Not to miss too much. Not to give every single shred of my soul to another person.

But the thing is, its not too much. I can never love her enough; no actions or words come close to expressing how I feel.

But then again, that's just me.

there are no screams
no expletives
no images of trashed out
or bitten lips,
no hate
no damnnations,
no slaps in the face.

there is nothing,
save silence,



uNdeRneAth said…
she says it's not wrong to love someone too much...that it's not wrong to miss someone too much...that it's not wrong to tell her how you feel. she appreciates it...but it just reminds her of him who must need to be forgotten for your sake, but those damned people just won't let her have her peace. she loves you more than she could tell you...more than she could express or even comprehend. she loves you beyond everything imaginable, beyond all the improbable.

and she wants you to know this.

did you know that whenever she sees or feels you are sad, she feels it too? did you know that she cries inside, wishing she could take it away and make you happy again? she doesn't want to see you sad, because it pains her - and much more if you were hurt...hurt by other people, hurt by herself.

she needs you to be happy, so she can be happy herself.

another thing. she doesn't consider you an obstacle, nor a distraction. you give her inspiration to go through her day, comfort if she's sad or pissed. she wants to tell you that she treasures every little thing you do for her and with her. she wants to tell you that she could not possibly go through a day without thinking of you at least once. she wants to tell you that she'd do anything to keep you with her, because she needs you.

and she needs you because she loves you.

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