Friday, September 23, 2005

Which Family Guy Character are You?

You are Brian
You are Brian. The family dog and the most
intelligent member of the family. Try not to
wet yourself on the carpet anymore.
Which Family Guy Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
I chanced upon this lame quiz in between doing my job and reading Ichigo 100% - just 5 questions and suddenly I have become a dog. It says that if I were a Family Guy character, I'd be the smartest one - who is apparently, a dog who likes being a couch potato while drinking martinis.
Wow, I didn't know psychology had progressed far beyond the limits of my imagination. 5 questions immediately determine whether I am a talking dog, a girl whose only talent is making bird noises, a woman who likes to talk to dogs, an idiot who's afraid of the evil monkey that lives in his room (Boogeyman, Beware of the Evil Monkey!), another idiot whose hobbies/work include fishing and drinking, and a homicidal baby with homosexual tendencies and a gay teddy bear.
Right. I'm the dog. Yay.

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