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I usually don't swear, since it's really an un-Christian-like thing to do, but right now, I'll make an exception.
What the fuck?
There I was, in OC mode, going through the whole blog, checking, and double-checking, seeing if someone had been nice enough to tell me what they thought of my sorry collection of words and phrases. And lo and behold! Someone (besides HER, of course) had posted a comment! I click on the "comments" line and then... ITS FUCKIN' SPAM! What the hell?!
I'm mad. I'm very mad. I want to break into whoever-they-are's apartment and beat them to death like that Russian spammer a.k.a Asswipe I read about a few months ago.
I do not care about "no jet lag", the redwood trees in America, or the rising prices of oil in the United States. It's not my friggin' problem. And as far as I'm concerned, it serves America right that their country's falling apart. Damn imperialist pigs.
Spam someone else, asswipe.
Sorry, God.


pt said…
La Vita Sump'n Sump'n... I've never felt more Godfatherified. :P

Hey! You play KOL too? Sweet! Anong job at level mo na?
iamstorm said…
yup, i do. level 11 sauceror. no ascensions yet.
kilcher said…
got here through peyups. chanced upon the above comment about KOL. waw, level 11 ka na. ako level 6 pa lang sauceror.

anyway, i share your views about spammers. kainis.

sige pow.

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