Saturday, December 3, 2005

Random Thoughts From the MRT and LRT

1. The MRT and LRT are extensions of hell - the people push and shove at each other, to hell with that poor pregnant woman; screw that old lady - as long as they get inside. You'd think we were being besieged by aliens or something.

2. The bra in no longer considered underwear. Yes, stick 'em out, sister!

3. The beeping sound means that if you do not get into the train this very moment, you will die.

4. I know I'm supposed to listen to that garbled thing I'm hearing over the PA system, but I don't speak... uhh... that thingy... uhh...

5. That thing you're smelling now? You don't want to know.

6. "Von Dutch" is now the leading imitation fashion label. It doesn't matter that the name sounds more like a very bad milk brand than a clothing label.

7. I didn't know some people considered falling down into a fellow unknown passenger a lot of fun. That's why there are handrails, idiot.

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Hanna said...

nice observations!and ... i like the way you write...