Saturday, January 28, 2006

Just A Thought...

Maybe its just me.
I've never come around to appreciating overly-eloquent writing - yes, I see your superb command of the language, thank you very much. And? I mean, its one thing to get your sentences right, its another to have whoever reads it drown in its complexity and highfalutingness (if there is such a word). There are those out there, of course, who are eloquent and highfalutin but write with panache and style - they're so good that you - I, at least - seriously contemplate the point of continuing to write. Why bother, when everything you dish out gets seriously owned and pawned by people who weave out magnificent, grandiose, and eloquent, but very understandable and easily appreciated lines out of their minds as easily as they take a poop (unless they're constipated)? It's just so unfair. And yes, that was my insecurity whining.
Some of you out there might subsequently want to seek me out and bash my face in for sounding like some self-important, arrogant, elitist bastard. But hey, I did say up front that it may be just me, didn't I? And I could always be wrong.
Of course, people who like to bandy their hard-sounding and odd applications of the English language have every right to do so, no matter what I say. Who am I, anyway? And even if I was somebody, so what? "Walang pakialamanan," as one of my friends would say.
Well, just my two cents. To his (and her) each own, eh?

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