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So Now Tell Me, What Should I Be Happy About?

Yesterday, the office called. Or should I say, the office I WAS supposed to work for.
Someone named Grace explained to me that the company I was to start working for on Monday suddenly found itself with a dilemma of some sort, and consequently had to delay indefinitely the hiring of new people. Myself included. So there, I lost my job before I even started.
I want to swear, over and over again, but that wouldn't be the Christian thing to do.
It's just one of those days (one of many) that I feel like crap - angry, tired, frustrated, and sad at the same time. What makes things suck all the more is the fact that I cannot do anything about anything. I feel like the all the forces of the world are arrayed against me; yes, me, the great scourge of all creation, spawn of the fires of hell - I guess I'm that evil to deserve all this. That's besides having to contend with that damn Murphy's law all the time.
So now tell me, please, what in the friggin' hell should I be happy about? Because I think it'd be really nice to feel happy about something significant for a change.


Peachy said…
(A friend told me to check out your blog.)

Anyway, you'll find that you don't need a reason to be happy, and that more importantly, you don't need to be happy. Getting by is enough.
pare mo said…
Simply means that GOd is preparing something better for you. Whatever that is or when it will come, we dunno for sure. Pero darating din yun ;)

Besides, marami namang blessings na dumarating sa 'tin e. Minsan lang, 'di natin napapansin.

so, ayun. :D

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