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Some useless blathering, Barbie, and more useless blathering

Finally, after ages of waiting, we now have an internet conncetion at home. It's dial-up though, so that means I have to endure surfing through the net at a pathetic and measly 44kbps. So as early as now I say goodbye to all the MMORPG's I could be playing, not to mention playing DOTA online. Sigh.

On the more "positive" side, I have a job again. It doesn't pay much, but it's work. I've grown tired of the frowns my father likes to sport whenever I announce that I've turned down another job offer - for legitimate reasons (at least for me). It's just bad timing that I'm currently suffering from a serious case of laziness. Last night, I went to bed at around 9pm - which is really early, since I usually sleep at around 12am onwards - and I just woke up. More than 12 hours of sleep and I'm still sleepy. (yawns)

Anyway, after I drag myself to the dirty kitchen and help my mom with the laundry (because I am such a nice boy) I might get to watching more 'House MD' episodes on DVD again. Yay!


I'd like to take this opportunity to brag and show you some pictures I took of the ever-so-cute adorable Barbie Almalbis. I took all of them at a Christian concert I went to a couple of weeks ago.
Barbie is 1337 cu73Z0rZ!

I did take more, but since I'm lousy with a camera and I just kept shooting, they aren't too good so I won't post them. It also didn't help that I was ogling like some stupid teenager and positively enthralled by her voice - and I don't usually get starstruck.

Darn it, she's so cute. Gringo's boy is sooooo bloody lucky.


Peachy said…
Sure, you can link me. ;) I'd be happy to link you, too, except that I'll have to ask for your last name. (I figured you were Tim) My links page has full names in it. You okay with that? Haha.
Peachy said…
(I actually posted that in your tag-board, but something went wrong, and I think I might have screwed up your tag-board. Sorry, hehehe.)
Peachy said…
A friend and I used to sing this song a lot, and it was quite a long time ago. But I still remember all the words to the damn thing. Hahahahaha!

Indigo Girls

There's a letter on the desktop
that I dug out of the drawer,
the last truce we ever came to
in our adolescent war.
And I start to feel the fever
from the warm air through the screen.
You come regular, like seasons,
shadowing my dreams.

And the Mississippi's mighty,
but it starts in Minnesota,
at a place that you could walk across with five steps down.
And I guess that's how you started,
like a pinprick through my heart.
But at this point, you rush right through me, and I start to drown.

And there's not enough room
in this world for my pain.
Signals cross and love gets lost
and time past makes it plain:
of all my demon spirits,
I need you the most.
I'm in love with your ghost.

Dark and dangerous like a secret
that is whispered in a hush.
When I wake, the things I dreamt
About you last night make me blush.
And you kiss me like a lover,
Then you sting me like a viper.
I go follow to the river,
play your memory like a piper.

And I feel it like a sickness,
how this love is killing me.
I'd walk into the fingers
of your fire willingly,
and dance the edge of sanity.
I'd never been this close,
in love with your ghost.

Unknowing captor, you never know
how much you pierce my spirit,
I can't touch you. Can you hear it,
a cry to be free?
Oh, I'm forever under lock and key
as you pass through me.

Now I see your face before me,
oh, I would launch a thousand ships
to bring your heart
back to my island, as the sand
beneath me slips.
And as I burn up in your presence,
and I know now how it feels
to be weakened like Achilles,
with you always at my heels.

And this bitter pill I swallow
is the silence that I keep.
It poisons me, I can't swim free --
the river is too deep.
Though I'm baptized by your touch,
I am no worse than most,
in love with your ghost.
Peachy said…
Tangina, no? Ba't kaya ang bitter natin?? Hahahahaha!
Peachy said…
Wow, talaga? Louis Armstrong, huh. I'll see if I can download that.

Bat of kors we're bitter! And what's worse is that we don't even try to disguise it. But as far as masking it goes, I think I fare waaaaay better than you do.

Hahaa, kidding. ;)

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