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I want bread!!!

Since deadline's over, and I have lots of time to kill, I've been watching a lot of Yakitate Japan! (Freshly baked Ja-Pan!) on Youtube these past few days.

Who knew that a story about a genius baker boy (bake a girl, bake a boy...) with warm hands could turn out to be so exiting to watch?

I actually started out reading the manga, but the scans at only ran up to Volume 7, which obviously left me not only with an insane desire to consume large quantities of baked goods, but also left me hanging. So it was off to Youtube.

I've currently gone through 26 episodes, and boy, are they entertaining. Of course, if you're looking for a deep plot, this shounen anime should be one of the last places you should look. Nevertheless, the squid-like waving motions I first saw in Fruits Basket and the comedic scenes animes are famous for have always delighted the hell out of me. The dialogue and Ryo Kuroyanagi's different reactions to the bread he ate I found funny too, but again, I repeat, it's (very) light humor.

It's bread, you moron. What did you think that was?

Some might say that it's just like Cooking Master Boy, but I beg to differ. The bread creations in Yakitate are more believable and more rational explanations are offered for the tasty baked goods (with the exception of Japan #44, which made you die and go to heaven for a while) compared to Cooking Master Boy - I mean, how the hell is it possible to make thin potato noodles with beef inside them?

All in all, it's a good break from the constant ringing of phones and the unprofessional idiots that have been plaguing me for the last few days.

Tsukino-chan.... ^_^

Turtle bread! Yum yum!

Okay. I have got to eat some bread now.


--Z-- said…
is it really good..haay i cant seem to cope up reading all the manga available..waah

hmm there is a good site of online manga i checked they have yakitate Japan..up to 132 chapters enjoy

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