Friday, September 1, 2006

Because I'm cheesy and I know it!

Chobits Opening Theme - Let Me Be With You

After giving up on Yakitate! Japan and finishing all 51 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist on YouTube, I tried moving on to Chobits. The first few episodes were fine, but after reading the plot on Wikipedia, I decided it wasn't worth it. It's a sad thing when a person falls for a machine. Especially when her on/off switch is located in her crotch. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "turn me on".

Nevertheless, that didn't stop me from falling in love with the opening theme. Kawaii!!! ^_^

2 told me off:

yna said...

ow! you watched my favorite anime! FMA!

what can you say about it??

iamstorm said...

uh... i didn't like it. Chii is cute though.