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If you don't want to be offended, DO NOT read this.

I didn't write this, someone else did.


From - "MORE lies girls have told me."

"All I want is a nice guy that will make me feel special, that will listen to me and love me forever..."

Lie. She left off the part about "and a guy that will have plenty of raunchy sex with me because that's all most girls are really looking for, but we're too shallow to admit that to you because we want to keep this 'virgin-girl' image we have going on and we don't want to sound too slutty, so we're going to pretend that all the nice guys we've met so far haven't fit the bill when in reality, they've treated us infinitely better than any guy we could ever hope to meet at a club downtown." I've said this before and I'll say it again:


I know there are SOME out there that do... the ratio of honest girls that want nice guys to sleazy girls that are in it for money and sex is very small, if not non-existent. However, I won't consider this possibility at this time.

Almost every guy that goes to a club goes there for one reason: ass. More often than not, they get it. Way to go champ, you got laid, now wipe off the disease and try your luck again. That's all they want and girls aren't so stupid as to not realize this, but they want to make it sound like they're perpetual victims that can't find the elusive "nice guy." Why don't you actually TRY LOOKING for one, you moron?

That's like a guy trying to find a "nice girl" by cruising the streets downtown. You tread the grounds of prostitutes, so don't complain that all you have to show for it is a yield of whores. I'm so sick and tired of girls giving the false impression that they want a nice guy; this is only true for women in their 30's that have already spent a decade getting their brains screwed out and now they're finally pulling their heads out of their ass and they're looking for a decent guy to settle down with. It's not going to happen moron, you blew your chance. I see girls fall for bad guys every day. I see girls abused, cheated on and insulted in public ALL THE TIME. What the hell is wrong with them? They think that there's something wild and untamable about bad guys that's attractive? WAKE UP. WAKE UP. You're getting abused, hurt, murdered and taken advantage of. Holy shit, how can people be so stupid? Is there no end to the barrel of stupid they drink from?

"Looks don't matter to me.."

Lie. Looks don't matter, MY ASS. Looks matter. Any girl that says "looks don't matter" is in denial. Proof? The good looking jerks that treat women like shit always get the women.


Okay, I posted sappy, now I give you angry. Of course, all of the above is just an exaggerated generalization (that, for the slow [a.k.a people who will suddenly have an epiphany and consequently jump to conclusions and say that this guy -- meaning me -- is a sanctimonious and rude ass wipe], should be taken only in the context of American society and all those who deem themselves to be living the "'hip' American way"), but hell, everyone's making stupid generalizations about men, I think I can at least post one -- which is very true in some respects -- that applies to women.

This particular entry also provides me with the convenient excuse, "I didn't write this." So please do not bombard me with hateful/offended/offensive stuff. I am a nice person. If you're not one of the people the above-post refers to, then stop getting offended because this obviously does not apply to you. You can hate mail Maddox (who authors, duh.) if you want, but be prepared to suffer the consequences. And don't say I didn't warn you. See? I'm really a nice person, I warn you and stuff.

I would also like to be utterly defensive and say outright that I am not bitter, because you, my least avid fan, are not the first person to think (and tell me, if you plan on posting a comment along those lines, or better yet, texting me, or telling me in person if you know me) such. I know, for my knowledge of these things is boundless; if you aren't thinking things along those lines, then I stand corrected. Life IS bitter so I would just be being redundant by being bitter about something that is already bitter in the first place. Yes I know, that was a bad-sounding, er... written, sentence, utterly stupid and redundant, which totally makes my point. Also, if you're not convinced, read my entry on pessimism. Clue: It's somewhere in the archives. If you care enough to read it and did, I thank you for searching it out. If not, then, okay.


yo! said…
the post sounds like a more irate version of your thoughts and/or sentiments. ^_^
Tim said…
yo: Well, I really don't make such sweeping generalizations, but it would be completely hypocritical to say that none of it is true. IMHO, I think it's truer than what most people would like to believe. ^_^ I just posted it because Maddox is funny (at least to me). Also arrogant and overly self-confident, but amusing to read nonetheless. He also makes good points. ^_^

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