Monday, September 10, 2007


It's Monday again, which is not my particularly favorite day of the week, and I am in dire need of a stress ball.

I thank God for small favors like a thoughtful SMS from my favorite person, good anime, and the soundtrack from Hairspray that I have blaring on my earphones (in between anime episodes) in an attempt to tune out all of today's crap.

I'm tempted to jump the bandwagon again ang start ranting against fratmen, arrogant UP students, people who can't tell the difference between a legitimate piece of opinion and outright bigotry, and in life in general, just to let some steam out.


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cookie said...

you're also my favorite person! iloveyou!;)

Tim said...


Salve said...

tim, you need more than one stress ball. makita mo pa lang si 'yun', nakaka-stress na!

Tim said...

Avi: Hay. Sinabi mo pa. Umagang umaga, ang sarap magmura. Kung hindi lang masama, ginawa ko na.