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I realize that I haven't been able to come up with something concrete these past few weeks, settling instead for the occasional song, or picture series ripped off from the net, or some crappy self-made poem. This is all owing of course, to the fact that I have been slave-driven these past few weeks by that unholy and stupid person I refuse to name, but if you know me, I'm sure you know who she is.

She is also the reason why I am at the office today, despite the fact that my stomach is doing multiple summersaults at regular intervals--needless to say, a completely unpleasant feeling when you're chained to a desk from 9 to 6:45. That her face is nauseating doesn't help one bit either. I'm just glad that she just hired a new toy--and is gleefully wearing him down--instead of directing her annoyingly repetitive and idiotic ideas and mispronounced English at me. 'FOCOS' daw oh.

Ah, crap, there goes my tummy again.


On a lighter note, I haven't allowed myself to be completely derived of a life, and have, in-between senseless blathering (not by me, of course) and work, been reading manga and watching anime online.

Mx0 - pity it isn't finished yet.

Claymore - see the complete season one in

Technically, that's bad, I know, but please, cut me some slack. Until recently, I never realized that stupidity had similar characteristics with radioactive waste--prolonged exposure poses serious risks to one's health. I need diversion. I need escape.


Che said…
It's important to keep your FOCOS so you'll be able to leave a good "LIGACY" UNTIL SUCH TIME... Hahaha! :-)
Tim said…
You ha, don't give me that PLIMSY excuse ha.

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One last thing before I hit the sack.

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Serendra, on a hot, Saturday afternoon: