Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hairspray updates

Guess what these are?

Two tickets to the gala production of Hairspray! Yay!

I also was able to get my hands on some press photos showing the cast--unfortunately, Michael de Mesa is not in his fat suit, and apparently Corny Collins is not considered a big role, since I don't know who's playing him or what he looks like. The guy doing Link, despite his name being the same as mine, looks suspiciously gay, and Nyoy Volante is cute in his Seaweed outfit--I have high hopes for him. I do hope newbie (in the tradition of all who played Tracy) Madel Ching pulls it off--she looks REALLY out of breath in this interview by ClickTheCity--she'll need a lot of lung power for those high notes. Again, where the heck is Corny?!

Corny Collins--missing in action.

Penny and Seaweed--pwede!

I'm set to watch Hairspray on November 13, with Jeremy and Avi. My thanks go out to Joseph, who supplied the free orchestra seats. Can't wait! Wheeeeee!!!

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