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What gives a girl power and punch? Is it charm, is it poise? No, it's HAIRSPRAY!

One of the things I've been looking forward to in 2008 (besides 13th month pay) is Atlantis' local version of Hairspray, the hit broadway musical--which was also made into a movie starring Zac Efron, James Marsden (t3h m4n!),  Queen Latifah, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes, Michelle Pfeiffer, and John Travolta as a woman.

Anyways, I've just run across news about the cast--beginning with the legendary Dulce as Motormouth Maybelle, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo as Velma, Nyoy Volante as Seaweed, and Michael de Mesa in John Travolta's female role. The original article, from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, is here. Just ignore Sam and Anne, scroll down a bit, and you'll see it.

I am beside myself. Nyoy as Seaweed! Holy crap! How cool is that? I just hope he can dance as well as he can sing. And although I originally hoped Lyn Sherman would be playing Velma, I'm quite confident Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo will do one hell of a job as the musical's main antagonist and resident bigoted biatch. I'd also like to see what'll happen when Michael de Mesa dons a fat suit and a wig, plays a woman (especially when one of his most memorable roles for me was 'The Boss' in "Big Time") , and shakes his booty to 60's tunes. And while I'm hoping that the guy who'll be playing Corny does his bit well, I have no worries about who'll be playing Link, because Zac Efron is not a hard act to beat. LOL. At sana kasing kapal ng mukha ni Nikki Blonsky yung gaganap na Tracy. 

Hairspray is scheduled to run from November 14 to December 7, 2008 at the Star Theatre at the CCP Complex.

I love musicals.

Yes, I'm gay like that. LOL.



LINK: Once I was a selfish fool
Who never understood
never looked inside myself
Though on the outside, I looked good!
Then we met and you made me
The man I am today
Tracy, I'm in love with you
No matter what you weigh

Without love
Life is like the seasons with
No summer
Without love
Life is rock 'n' roll without
A drummer
Tracy, I'll be yours forever
'Cause I never wanna be
Without love
Tracy, never set me free
No, I ain't lyin'
Never set me free, Tracy,
No, no, no!!

Living in the ghetto
Black is everywhere ya go
Who'd 've thought I'd love a girl
With skin as white as winter's snow

In my ivory tower
Life was just a hostess snack
But now I've tasted chocolate
And I'm never going back

'Cause without love
Life is like a beat that you can't follow
Without love
Life is Doris Day at the Apollo
Darling, I'll be yours forever
'Cause I never wanna be
Without love
So darlin' never set me free

Oh, I'm yours forever
Never set me free

No, no, no!

If I'm left without my babydoll
I don't know what I'll do

Link, I've got to break out
So that I can get my hands on you

And girl, if I can't touch you
and I'm gonna lose control

Seaweed, you're my black white knight
I've found my blue-eyed soul

Sweet freedom is our goal

Trace, I wanna kiss ya!

Let me out at the next toll!

'Cause without love

Life is like a prom that won't invite us

Without love

It's like getting my big break and laryngitis

Without love

Life's a '45' when you can't buy it

Without love

Life is like my mother on a diet

Like a week that's only Mondays
Only ice cream never sundaes
Like a circle with no center
Like a door marked "Do not enter!"

Darlin' I'll be yours forever
'Cause I never wanna be
Without love
Yes, now you've captured me
without love
I surrender happily
without love
Seaweed never set me free
no no no
I ain't lying
never set me free
no no no
no I don't wanna live
without love
Darlin' you had best believe me,
never leave me
without love


Jemoi said…
I will comment because no one else will, kawawa ka naman. HAHA.
Kelan ba tayo manonood? :D
Libre mo ko! XD
Tim said…
Asa ka pa.

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