Tuesday, August 16, 2005

You Hate Me, You Hate Me Not - I Really Dont Care.

Today I've realized how utterly drab my blog looks.
No pictures, no links, no "cute" stuff. There are only collections of words and numbers that probably make no sense to you. And like you even care.
D-R-A-B. Drab.
But what the hell, I only know one other person besides me who seems to read it, anyway. I was never one for pictures; I was always the bookish, wordy, and therefore generally BORING type. It really doesn't matter if no one reads my random ramblings and rants - just one of the millions of cretins who have blogs - if you don't like bookish, wordy, and therefore generally BORING type people, then I really don't like you either.
I've spent quite sometime going through the Friendster network, (c/o HER ^_^ account, of course) trying to discover how detached from the rest of the world (and my past) I really am. And to my great satisfaction, I am quite pleased to declare that I am - significantly cut off from a number of my past aquaintances and one-time friends. I never liked most (that's most people, not ALL, so to all those who consider themselves my "friends" - you can stop being offended and "hurt" now) of those people much, anyway. No, I am not sourgraping, it just seems that I have developed an affinity to being relatively alone. Of course, it does really suck at times, but so does hanging out with narrow-minded and arrogant morons who have exactly the same opinion of me as I have of them.
And as long as I don't get detached from HER, I'm A-Okay.

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pt said...

Hey! *poke poke poke*

Maybe if you like, I can add some blog accessories you might like. I'm not really as much a web-design wiz as Nikki is (she's the sassy lady who refurbished the look of my blog), I'd be happy to add thingamabobs to yours. That is, only if you like, ^_^

Hanna said...

ganyan din ang iniisip ko.boring nga siguro ako.haha.